Monday, October 14, 2013

Be her escape

Be her escape. Let her wake up to your ‘good morninggg.’ Tell her what you are upto. Call her when she refuses to. Listen to her ramble. Tell her she is crazy. Tell her you are addicted to her insanity. Tell her she makes no sense. Let her get mad at you. You love it. That’s when she is yours. Let her talk about the weirdest places and the cute guys. Fall in love with her randomness. Ask her why she doesn’t dress up like others. Call her cute. Be possessive. Don’t keep your promises. Disagree. Tell her to shut up. Apologize. Tell her never to shut up. Tell her how you hate goodbyes. How people never mattered. How much you missed her. How life sucked. She will cry. Tell her only idiots do that. She knows she is one. She doesn’t mind. Tell her its okay to be messy. Tell her you need her to make you smile. She loves to see you smile. Call her bro. Ask her for a walk. Give her a reason to keep believing in you. She hates surprises and loves gifts. She hates lovestories and loves fairytales. Gift her a fairytale. Let her be the drama queen. Be her escape once again.